Becoming an IMPACT Foster Parent

One of the aspects of The IMPACT Project that makes us unique is that we handle almost all of the application process in your home to fit your schedule. This process can take anywhere from six weeks to six months depending on your circumstances. Below is a link to the Pennsylvania Resource Family Association (PSRFA) which has listed the state regulations on the Foster Parent application requirements. We are a member of PSRFA.

The following PDF has the application if you would like to apply to become an IMPACT Project Family. You can download it, fill it out and email it to Diana Mantore, Supervisor of Family and Clinical Services at

The entire process involves trainings, medical and background clearances, and a home study report which will include a family history and home inspection. The paperwork involved includes personal and County Children and Youth Services references, proof of income, insurance coverage, pet immunizations and a mortgage statement or lease.

We require that each family have someone who can supervise the child when the Foster Parents are not available. They are called a respite worker. This person must be over twenty-one years old. The respite worker can be a family member, friend, or neighbor. This person will have background clearances done on them also.

Foster Parent Application (PDF)


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